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A Family That Kicks Together Sticks Together

Posted: April 03, 2018

Our Journey started almost five years ago. We were having difficulties with both our children. Our daughter Lily had no sympathy or empathy for anyone, which resulted in her being a bully. We had her in therapy for six months to no avail. We used to get weekly phone calls from her teachers complaining about her behaviors and how she spoke to people. We decided that her issues were lack of self-confidence and decided to enroll her in Taekwondo. Two weeks later we got a call from her teacher, but this time it was different. This time the teacher was raving about how good she was being and how well she is getting along with other kids. She said whatever we were doing to keep it up because it was working. Over the years she has grown and matured into a compassionate person who cares when others are hurting or are happy. She is now an honor-roll student who is praised by teachers for always being willing to help others and for being a great role model. She has now been selected to be a leader in her school. 

Our son D'Angelo was extremely shy and had the hardest time even making friends. He had no self-confidence and struggled even communicating with us as his parents sometimes.  We figured if Taekwondo could help our daughter, it might be able to help our son also. He has now blossomed into an outgoing, funny kid with all the confidence he needs to succeed. He is known and loved by everyone at school because he will talk to and help anyone. He stands up to the bullies for others who can't. He is always willing to sit with the kid who is by themselves and introduce them to everyone so no one is left out. 

Diego is our exchange student. He came to us fr om Mexico. He was very shy at first then we put him in Krav Maga. That opened him up to us quite quickly. It was something he could use to bond with us. It also built up his confidence levels to the max. He is so proud of his achievements and he can't wait to get home and show all his friends the things he's learned. He hopes to continue his training because he is having so much fun. 

When my husband Adam decided to start Krav Maga, he was just going to use it to have an activity to do with our son.  He soon realized all of the amazing benefits he was getting  fr om it. He began feeling much healthier and younger. He has more energy now then he has had in years and he is making good friends. The bonding he gets with our son and exchange student is amazing they talk about and practice together. It is so great for him. 

Even though I don't train, as mom and wife I get just as much benefit as all of them. I get to see my family enjoying something and learning how to take care of themselves and have confidence. I am watching them grow and mature. I am making great friends along the way. One of the best parts besides all that is we get a Master and instructors who really care. They have our backs when we are struggling with our kids. We know we can count on them to help us guide our kids back to confidence if they lose it. They want our family to succeed and move forward and help in anyway they can. It truly feels as though the CMA Team is part of the family and we wouldn't have it any other way.