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Avett Turner - Autism Testimony

Posted: April 30, 2019

          Avett is 6 years old and has been taking Taekwondo for 1 year. He has several health difficulties since birth, including MED13L Haploinsufficiency Syndrome, Autism, and Hypotonia. We started him in Taekwondo to help honor his abilities, which are not the same as his peers, but also give him an opportunity to be involved with kids his own age.

     Taekwondo has been incredible because the instructors meet him on his level, and they measure his progress in a very individual way. They are extremely accommodating and respectful regarding his needs. The benefits of Taekwondo have been multifaceted. His range of motion, strength, and coordination have noticeably increased. When he started he could only kick with one leg in one direction. He could hardly keep his balance while kicking. Now he can do several different kicks with both legs, and they are more controlled. He also struggles with impulse control and with focus, and he can now participate more easily in class as his behavior and attention span have both improved. He is beginning to understand the more complex ideas taught in class, such as respect, discipline, and integrity.

     He really enjoys classes, and feels great success in completing his classes and reaching his goals. He adores his instructors and is always trying to sneak onto the mat to give them hugs. I am looking forward to watching him grow and reach his potential in life. I am grateful for CMA for helping us get there.

Mendoza Family Testimony

Posted: September 12, 2018

"A family that kicks together sticks together!"


"We are the Mendoza family. Our children started at Champions Martial Arts in the spring of 2018. Being in martial arts has changed everything for us. All three of our children are learning to live with respect, honor, and confidence. They are also now carrying themselves like leaders. We can already see the growth in every aspect of their lives and it's so amazing to watch!

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