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Champions ATA Martial Arts

A Mother and Father's Testimony: Amber and Adrian Ramos, Ivan's Parents

Posted: February 20, 2018


When Ivan was 4 years old, we began to look for an activity that would "keep him busy" and "give him something to do", but what we found was so much more.  

A Parent's Testimony: Jessica Tulloch, Cameron's Mom

Posted: February 06, 2018


"We enrolled Cameron in Taekwondo in the fall of 2016 when he was just four years old, in the hopes that he could learn to channel his boundless energy in a productive and respectful way. For Cameron, he exudes charm and confidence in all that he does, and possesses a tenacity not seen in many people. He has a bright and energetic spirit, accompanied by a charming smile and twinkling eye, and what seems to be a never ending energy. Simply in the last six months, the growth that we’ve seen in Cameron’s discipline and focus is astounding. Especially at the last testing, we were blown away with the level of his performance and growth he demonstrated. Master Dillow and his staff challenge Cameron, encourage him to show perseverance and self-control, and inspire him to continuously be his best self. The instructors have worked with him and truly care not only about his progress, but about him personally. We are forever grateful for what Taekwondo at Champions Martial Arts has provided for Cameron as building blocks and skills he can use in all areas of his life."

Respect: The Ultimate Bond of Any Relationship - A Mastership Thesis by Master Travis Dillow

Posted: August 28, 2017



            I believe that respect can sometimes be one of the life skills that is most easily forgotten and not used. In the Spirit of Taekwondo it says it best, “Respect for my juniors and seniors sir.” I believe this was put towards the end of the spirit of Taekwondo because in order for all the life skills to work you must have respect. Respect can be one of the most challenging life skills because as humans, we are constantly dealing with relationships in all areas of life, such as home, work, training, and entertainment. We, as leaders in a great organization, have to walk with respect—not just some of the time—all the time, in all these areas. We will be constantly tested by others of our level of respect because people naturally want to find something they can judge about you and judge your character. Here are some points of respect that I believe as a leader we need to understand and follow. Once again, I relate how these points are used by the ATA and how I use them in my own life and organization.

Loyalty: The Unspoken Bond in Relationships

Posted: July 24, 2017


There are some principles of leadership that can be taught, others can be caught, and then there is loyalty.  I truly believe that loyalty is one of the core aspects of leadership that reflects the inner character of the leader.  We have all experienced disloyalty, and chances are at times we have all been disloyal.  Loyalty is essential in leadership; in fact when I am hiring staff the most important character trait that I look for is loyalty.  We are going to look at why loyalty is critical, how loyalty is shown, the essentials in becoming a loyal leader, and the consequences of disloyalty. 

Loyalty is critical:       Anyone who has ever had to lead people or anyone who has ever been led by a person has had to deal with loyalty issues.  When it comes to moving people to accomplish a vision the key ingredient is having a loyal leader, and a loyal team to follow that leader.  Loyalty understands that we do it together, if we win we share the victory, if we lose, we all lose together.  Radical alignment is the result of total and complete loyalty on any team, and Radical alignment is the key to getting everyone on the same page, pulling on the same rope together.  A house divided cannot stand.  I have adopted the phrase ‘doing together what we could never do alone,’ as a staple in my life and leadership. 

Knowledge, One of the Necessary Tools of a Leader: A Mastership Thesis by Master Travis Dillow

Posted: June 06, 2017



Knowledge is an essential ingredient in any leader’s arsenal, but I am pretty passionate about knowledge not being the only tool that any leader carries. In fact I would submit that the best leaders in history have never placed knowledge as their number one priority, but rather they see it is a great tool that can be used as and when needed. Anyone who has ever built anything understands the importance of working with more than one tool, but they have to have several at their disposal. In this paper we are going to focus on the tool of knowledge and how to properly use it.

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