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Vision: Your Inspring Vision Leaking to Others: A Mastership Thesis by Master Travis Dillow

Posted: May 21, 2017

Through my years of leadership, team building, and executing of strategy, values, plans, and missions, I have come across some core principles on vision that apply to almost any area of leadership. Some of these I have learned the hard way, others from books or just by listening to people who have accomplished great things in their lives.


Why Vision Matters:

Vision is the destination, the common denominator by which we rally our team and ourselves to manage the daily task

Nobility: A Thesis by Master Travis Dillow

Posted: April 25, 2017


Since the beginning of time cultures, people groups, and civilizations have always had a class structure in place. For some, it was social-economic, for others it was based on skill. But for many, the highest class was simply offered to those who had the right last name, sons of royalty were always welcome into the upper crust of society. Nobility, is a rank established for the supreme, those that are noble. Noble is the adjective that leads t

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