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Mastership: What it Means to Truly Master Your Trade - A Thesis by Master T. Dillow

Posted: November 07, 2017


I have always said that I love watching anyone who has mastered their skill or job. This thought came true to me several years ago when I was back home visiting family. My brothers and I ran out to pick up a to-go pizza order from a local pizza place.  We walked in just as the cook was taking our pizza out of the oven. With grace and confidence in one motion he took the pizza out, slid it on the counter inside the box, grab a pizza slicer and in a matter of second

Respect: The Ultimate Bond of Any Relationship - A Mastership Thesis by Master Travis Dillow

Posted: August 28, 2017



            I believe that respect can sometimes be one of the life skills that is most easily forgotten and not used. In the Spirit of Taekwondo it says it best, “Respect for my juniors and seniors sir.” I believe this was put towards the end of the spirit of Taekwondo because in order for all the life skills to work you must have respect. Respect can be one of the most challenging life ski

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