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Nobility: A Thesis by Master Travis Dillow

Posted: April 25, 2017


Since the beginning of time cultures, people groups, and civilizations have always had a class structure in place. For some, it was social-economic, for others it was based on skill. But for many, the highest class was simply offered to those who had the right last name, sons of royalty were always welcome into the upper crust of society. Nobility, is a rank established for the supreme, those that are noble. Noble is the adjective that leads to the noun of nobility. Being noble simply means to achieve a high rank or title, and for each culture, there are different standards by which one would be described as noble. Nobility is the noun that describes you once you are there. In both leadership and life, there is always a desire for self-starting leaders to achieve the highest rank or title they can within the organization that they lead. Very few organizations would refer to that status as nobility, but they quite possibly could. The office or title of nobility come with a list of assumptions about the person who carries that title, they have risen above the noise in their trade, and they are the best of the best. Whether your organization carries the position of nobility with it or not, as a leader striving to be his or her best, we should all strive for nobility, at least in our own right. There are many attributes that lead to a person being noble, thus gaining the title of nobility. I believe four of the most important are being respectful, compassionate, selfless, and intelligent. For anyone striving to be the best at what they do, and be seen by others as nobility, they must be very intentional about those four characteristics. With my experience in leadership I have learned that at the end of the day, there is no substitution for the core values of respect, compassion, selflessness, or intelligence. Let’s talk briefly about each of those four and how they can put you on a path that leads to nobility.


Discipline: What All Parents REALLY Want in Martial Arts!

Posted: March 25, 2017

This cycle, we are focusing on a new theme for our students: discipline. Whenever you ask a kid, “why do you train in martial arts?” or “what do you learn in Taekwondo?” they will most likely answer with things like “how to punch! How to kick! How to defend myself!” They will tell you about the fun and cool drills that they do, the awesome forms they learn, or the sweet sparring that they do. Parents will most likely see past that. What does it all boil down to? Discipline.

            So what is discipline, anyway? When you hear discipline, you might think of the military. Full of structure; people who won’t move, act, or respond unless instructed to. It is structure, it is a mindset that must be trained and utilized. The Merriam-Webster dictionary literally translates it as “training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, So discipline is not necessarily an automatic response from people: it is a skill that has to be trained! I refer to discipline as being able to ignore that little voice in your head telling you to say something out of turn, or do something uncalled for. For some kids, that means choosing not to speak out and disrupt the class. For others, it is choosing to follow directions the first time without arguing. In almost every case though, discipline is a choice. Some people have a stronger-trained sense of discipline than others, and therefore are able to control themselves and their actions better.

Discipline is more than just the attitude students have in class though. It takes discipline to train every day and to improve our lives every day. Discipline therefore, is a way of life. For a child to have discipline in their life is an amazing thing. With it, a student can keep themselves on task for school by making sure they are getting their homework done on time and staying on track with their grades. Discipline can improve their lives at home by keeping their rooms clean and their belongings picked up regularly. It can even improve their health, by practicing and training themselves to eat right and going to bed at a regular and decent hour. All of these actions and behaviors that we need in our lives, and want our children to have in their lives, require a good amount of discipline! Our lives revolve around structure, and without structure, without discipline, we may find ourselves in chaos!

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