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Champions ATA Martial Arts

Student Testimony: Student of the Cycle (Juniors, Beginners) - Julitzy

Posted: April 10, 2018


            Julitzy is a joyful girl, who is followed by smiles and laughter. Although she loves to express herself through humor, she is still very timid. My nephew has been on ATA member for two years now, and loves every bit of it. Since he started he has been trying to convince her to try it out. She was hesitant of being unable to learn the different and various forms, or being incapable of being in front of many people. After her first class, she saw that it isn't just training, but fun. As soon as she accomplished moving from the first belt, she was that much more motivated.

           Since beginning her training, she has gained confidence, self-discipline, and higher understanding. Not only that, but she has acquired many more traits to be a better person not just in her class, but in her daily life. She strives to be a good example and a leader, to meet her goal to reach the black belt, and one day become an instructor. We are so excited and so thankful for Champions Martial Arts for helping her grow in such a short period of time!