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Champions ATA Martial Arts

Student Testimony - Willow Walsh

Posted: June 12, 2018

              When Willow first started school, she was being bullied by boys in her class. Sometimes, telling the teacher, or walking away was not enough. We found martial arts and thought it would teach Willow how to stand up for herself, in a proper, structured way. It gave Willow confidence, leadership skills, and the ability to defend herself against the bullies. As parents, it gave us great peace of mind, to know our daughter had self-confidence and could protect herself. Besides that, Willow fell in love with the sport. By the time Willow was 10, she had been ranked "red black belt" in World's style Taekwondo. She won many medals at tournaments, and loved every minute of it, especially forms and weapons.

            Due to our family moving frequently, she put her Taekwondo career on hold. When Willow started high school, she was not very extroverted, or expressive vocally. She found her other passion - public speaking. Willow loves poetry, performing, and also politics so she felt right at home on the Speech & Debate team. It gave her the confidence to say things that other high school students could not. Willow brings attention to very controversial topics that she feels are very important to the youth in her community. After 3 years of competitions and hard work, our daughter is going to Nationals to represent Idaho and domestic violence victims. Speech & Debate has given her a real voice within the community, and the confidence to promote real change.

             Last year, Willow decided to come back to Taekwondo and she could not have made a better decision! Seeing how much confidence, strength and fun Taekwondo brought to our kids’ life, we recently joined the adult class. Working hand in hand with Champions Martial Arts Legacy team, Willow is becoming a strong, and confident leader, who will be speaking and leading for our future. Thanks to the discipline and leadership taken from Taekwondo, and the confidence she has gained from Speech & Debate, we can testify that these lessons can only be found through a great Master, and an amazing support system.