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Respect: The Ultimate Bond of Any Relationship - A Mastership Thesis by Master Travis Dillow

Posted: August 28, 2017



            I believe that respect can sometimes be one of the life skills that is most easily forgotten and not used. In the Spirit of Taekwondo it says it best, “Respect for my juniors and seniors sir.” I believe this was put towards the end of the spirit of Taekwondo because in order for all the life skills to work you must have respect. Respect can be one of the most challenging life ski

Loyalty: The Unspoken Bond in Relationships

Posted: July 24, 2017


There are some principles of leadership that can be taught, others can be caught, and then there is loyalty.  I truly believe that loyalty is one of the core aspects of leadership that reflects the inner character of the leader.  We have all experienced disloyalty, and chances are at times we have all been disloyal.  Loyalty is essential in leadership; in fact when I am hiring staff the most important character trait that I look fo

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