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Mendoza Family Testimony

Posted: September 12, 2018

"A family that kicks together sticks together!"


"We are the Mendoza family. Our children started at Champions Martial Arts in the spring of 2018. Being in martial arts has changed everything for us. All three of our children are learning to live with respect, honor, and confidence. They are also now carrying themselves like leaders. We can already see the growth in every aspect of their lives and it's so amazing to watch!

We all train so hard and love every minute of

Student Testimony - Willow Walsh

Posted: June 12, 2018

              When Willow first started school, she was being bullied by boys in her class. Sometimes, telling the teacher, or walking away was not enough. We found martial arts and thought it would teach Willow how to stand up for herself, in a proper, structured way. It gave Willow confidence, leadership skills, and the ability to defend herself against the bullies. As parents, it gave us great peace of mind, to know our daughter had self-confidence and could protec

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